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Queensland Sustainable Schools

Welcome to the Queensland Sustainable Schools website.

Queensland Sustainable Schools is a website that aims to support schools, their partners and the community in realising a positive environmental vision for their school. The first two core modules include the School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP) Builder and the Resource Use and Monitoring Tool.

Queensland schools are invited to register and request a login and password for ongoing access to the online tools and resources designed to help them to research, plan and monitor their school’s impact on the environment.

The Queensland Sustainable Schools website includes an Education Centre which has curriculum and teaching and learning resources to assist Queensland Schools to become environmentally sustainable.

The final stage of the website will include a My Community section where clusters of schools and networks of organisations can communicate with one another.

Other sustainability websites may also have valuable ideas and resources for you to use (e.g. the Sustainability in Schools site).

We value your feedback on the Queensland Sustainable Schools website. Please provide comments to the Contact us link on the Home Page.

The State of Queensland, through the Department of Education and Training (DET), acknowledges the source of the Intellectual Property is vested with the New South Wales Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water and DET has permission to reproduce this material to be used by Queensland schools for education purposes.

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